8 Luxury Ethical Fashion Brands for Men

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8 Luxury Ethical Fashion Brands for Men



Everyone wants to look good. Well, how about looking good while also lending a hand to mother earth?


How would you go about doing that, you might ask? By buying ethically.


Not only does ethical fashion look good, but it's also good for the planet and the people on it. And there are many brands out there that are taking ethical fashion to the next level. So, let's keep the oceans clean, recycle, create durable clothing, treat our animals kindly and have a killer outfit while doing it.




Photo Credit - Olderbrother.com

OlderBrother - Fashion Brand

Olderbrother designs sustainable, ethical clothes. They're a cool apparel brand that makes non-gendered clothing for everyone. Their garments are dyed without the use of any toxins, heavy metals or salts. Each textile is carefully selected for environmental impact, quality and social responsibility. And it's all made in the USA - sunny Los Angeles, to be specific. The collection is fresh and modern with a minimal color palette, versatility and soft fabrics.




Photo Credit - noahny.com

NOAH - Ethical fashion brandNoah is an American men's apparel brand that stands by their values and ethics. They are against the many awful practices within the fashion industry and treat the people who make their clothing with respect. Their clothes are inspired by a combination of music, skate and surf cultures and have a punk edge. If you look at their apparel, you'll find cool graphic tees, casual and comfortable canvas shoes, hoodies, denim and more.



Photo Credit - knowledgecottonapparel.com

Knowledge Cotton Apparel Brand ImageKnowledgeCotton Apparel is a Danish menswear company that emphasizes having respect for the environment and for people. Their clothes are produced using only sustainable materials and methods, which includes 100% organic cotton. The family business was founded on knowledge of quality garments, caring for the planet, always being innovative and making clothing that lasts. Their looks include a wide variety of closet staples from high-quality tees and oxford shirts in a variety of colors, swimwear, jackets and blazers, all with an eye for style.



Photo Credit - nisolo.com

NISOLO - Ethical ShoesNisolo is a footwear and accessories brand that creates shoes that are both effortless and ethical. Their designs will seamlessly take you from morning to evening and from at home to at the office. They ensure that their workers are treated fairly and are given a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, for every pair of shoes sold, Nisolo makes a contribution to preserving forests in the Amazon Basin. Their footwear ranges from classic leather oxfords to boots to sneakers in shades of cream, tan and black. They also design belts, bags, wallets and more.



Photo Credit - apolisglobal.com

Apolis - Ethical BagsApolis designs menswear that is smart, sustainable and devoted to their philosophy, which is "advocacy through industry." Brothers Raan and Shea Parton work with manufacturers to create apparel that empowers workers in developing countries and provides them with a living wage. Their collection is high-quality, durable and has a chic, neutral color palette ranging from casual graphic tees to practical travel jackets to sleek accessories, candles and earthy fragrances.



Photo Credit - saltura.co

Saltura - Ethical Surf FashionSaltura is a men's apparel brand that fully embraces the California lifestyle and that uses organic cotton wherever they can. They source, manufacture and design all of their clothes in California. The collection is minimalistic. The colors used are a combination of neutrals and earth tones and the designs are simplistic geometric shapes, text and patterns. Overall, Saltura is as cool, laid back and breezy as the California lifestyle itself.




Photo Credit - patagonia.com

Patagonia - Ethically Made ClothingPatagonia is a brand that combines minimalist design and practicality with the great outdoors in mind. They design clothes that last using natural, sustainable materials such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled nylon. Patagonia ensures that their products are made in environments that are fair and humane, as well as protect migrant workers. Their apparel include pieces for a variety of activities from biking to swimming to hiking, keeping you safe and prepared while you're on the go.




Photo Credit - sattalivity.com

Satta - ethically made clothingLastly, we have Satta, which designs both apparel and goods that are simplistic and intended for the body and the mind. They focus on production that is small-scale and materials that are sustainable and natural. Their apparel is both comfortable and practical with a color palette that is earthy and fresh. They sell cool graphic tees, caps, incense and more.


Overall, menswear can be many things. It can be cool, earthy, minimal, breezy, organic, practical and, most importantly, ethical. Hopefully, you'll think about what your brand stands for, how they treat the community and how they treat our planet the next time you go shopping.




Author - Craig Scott

Author Bio picture - Craig Scott Craig Scott is the editor at LuxAuthority and is trying to balance both his budget and his credit card balance. He likes to live lavish and treat himself when the opportunity allows it. He loves the newest tech, old cars, the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books as well!





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