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Rolling waves, mesmerizing rice fields and mighty mountains, these are the reasons why millions of tourists flock to Bali every year. Do you know that you can find great ethical fashion brands on this little island?


It has attracted some great entrepreneurs who started sustainable, eco-friendly businesses using local, natural materials to create earth-friendly fashion in forms of clothing, footwear, accessories and homeware.


So, while holidaying in Bali, let’s give something back to the island with some conscious shopping. Check out some awesome ethical fashion brands in Bali with cool, innovative ideas below!


1. Bambooku

Photo Credit: Bambooku Facebook page

Bambooku - 1 - Ethical Fashion Brands BaliHave you ever thought of textiles made from bamboo? The natural growth of bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizers, it provides a great yield per acre. This makes bamboo one of the most sustainable crops in the world, especially when it’s grown ethically. Bambooku put dreams into action. In their shops, you will find beautiful handmade clothing, plush towels and soft deluxe bed linen made from bamboo. Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo is soft and water-absorbent. Besides fashionable bamboo clothes and linens, Bambooku is also specialized in Takesumi which is charcoal made from bamboo, also known as ‘the black diamond from Japan’. Activated charcoal purifies, protects and filters. Bambooku sells body care and jewelry made with takesumi. You can find Bambooku in the towns of Seminyak and Ubud. Their shops are really worth checking out!


2. La Boheme Bali

Photo Credit: La Boheme Facebook page

La Boheme Bali - Ethical Fashion Brands Bali 2Simple and elegant, beautifully handmade, La Boheme Bali is truly inspiring, blending tropical elegance with French fashion flair. All of their products are made from natural materials and touched up with natural dyes, in harmony with nature and the environment. Founded in 2011, La Boheme is found in Ubud, the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali. They use strictly organic, natural materials for their handwoven home decor, clothing and accessories. Natural dyes are done with extracts from flowers, fruits and leaves of plants and the water used in this process are recycled for agricultural purposes.


3. Indosole

Photo Credit: @indosole

Indosole - Ethical Fashion Brands BaliIndosole’s mission is not only to provide comfortable and stylish footwear. The company aims to tackle tire waste problem in Bali. Tires are almost impossible to decompose and burning them results in toxics spreading in the air we breathe. Indosole decided to recycle tires into something useful - vegan, responsibly-made, waterproof and ergonomic footwear. You will be able to find flip-flops, canvas and charcoal shoes for both men and women in the shops. Indosole has got more than one shop in Bali. Find the one nearest to you here.


4. Indigo Luna

Photo Credit: Indigo Luna Facebook page

Indigo Luna - Ethical Fashion Brands BaliIf you are planning to practise yoga while staying on the island, in trendy, spiritual places like Canggu and Ubud, you’ll want to check out Indigo Luna. The company makes beautiful, Bali-designed yoga wear from recycled and natural materials to sustain the wellbeing of our planet. The girls who started this business wanted to make a positive change and they did. Their yoga leggings, tops, swimwear and other fashion items are not only fashionable and simply gorgeous, they are made from recycled plastic fishing nets, which are a significant part of the plastic pollution in the ocean, killing marine life. Indigo Luna collaborated with ECONYL®. Pretty Amazing work done and it has to be rewarded!


5. Chic Made Consciously

Photo Credit: Chic Made Facebook page

Chic Made Consciously - Ethical Fashion Brands BaliIf you are looking for a gift with a unique story behind it, go shop at Chic Made Consciously. This fashion brand shows how stylish sustainability can be. Bags, belts, jewelry, and wallets - each piece is made by hand using upcycled inner tire tubes and they express individuality and coolness. Chic Made Consciously is a fair trade business founded by 2015 by a world traveler named Cassandra. In Ubud, she learned about Bali’s tire waste problem and she saw how this specific waste product could be recycled into beautiful, stylish things. Since then, she has been working with local artisans to create a unique collection of jewelry and accessories for her Chic Made Consciously shop. Upcycling tire waste - what a brilliant idea! It is some true tire fashion she got going here.

There it is - 5 amazing ethical fashion brands & the coolest sustainable products - all made on the island of Bali with love and care for our dear planet earth. Shopping at these earth-friendly places is a 100% guilt free. So, buy some of these awesome things for yourself as a memory of your stay on Bali Island and bring back some cool presents for your loved ones. Beautiful, long-lasting, conscious and unique - what more could you wish for?



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