Upcycle Household Items Into Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion from house materials
Sustainable fashion items from trash or materials lying around the house? Sure! It's possible and its fun and there's even awards for the best sustainably made prom dress! We look at 4 of the best ideas to upcycle materials from your house to create a fashion item that will be unique and take you into the world of sustainable fashion design.

May, 07, 18

Sustainable materials for fashoion 

Using House Materials for Sustainable Fashion


People tend to overlook household items when trying to be fashionable or when trying to create sustainable clothing, but common household items are often more versatile than one might think.


It is great to use items lying around your house for fashion purposes, especially if they are items you would have just thrown away otherwise.


Keep reading to find out ways you can turn things already lying around your house into fashion showstoppers.




Often used to repair broken household items or hold something together, an overlooked use for duct tape is fashion, either creating small trinkets such as bracelets, or even something as big and beautiful as a prom dress.


Duct Tape’s stuck at Prom contest awards $10,000 to the creative duct tape prom dress winners each year.


If you’re stuck thinking, how could I make a cool dress from duct tape, take a look at the photo below and you’ll realize how easy and possible it is.

 Duct Tape’s stuck at Prom contest





Rubber bands are fashionable and functional, and they can be used to create super cute and fun bracelets. You can wear these bracelets as a fashion statement, or wear them for fashion and function. For example, you can wear them until you need to wrap up a bag of pretzels or put your hair into a ponytail, and then take one off your wrist to help with the task.


You can buy colored rubber bands to make them cuter, and you can also use permanent markers or nail polish you have around the house to decorate them and make them special. Another fun trick to make them super cute and personalized is to glue on rhinestones so your rubber bands sparkle.







You probably recycle or throw away your soda can tops, but did you know you can save them and use them to make entire accessories, or use a lesser amount as a decoration on existing fashion pieces?


soda cup can bag 


Here's some great examples and inspiration for what you can achieve if you try and make your own.





Most people eat their candy then throw away the wrapper. But there is a better way to be sustainable and fashionable. Save your big Skittle wrappers all the way down to your tiny Starburst wrappers and use them to make bracelets and purses.


One of my favorite purses is a Skittles wrapper purse – they are very cute and guaranteed to get you a ton of compliments.


Skittles purse


One thing is for sure when you decide to look around the house to create a sustainable fashion item. It will be unique. And it will definitely be a talking point. It might also be your first step into the world of sustainable fashion design!



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Author Bio - Stacy CaprioStacy Caprio, from AcceleratedGrowthMarketing.com 


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