20 Best Ethical Fashion Articles - April 2018

Best Ethical Fashion News - April 2018This month highlights include, a fashion label using a new water and chemical-free upcycling system, Antidote founder Sophie Zembra, how blockchain technology could change the ethical fashion industry, a new ethical fashion magazine launch, and a look at the latest event from fashion brand 'Where Does It Come From?'

Apr, 26, 18

Ethical Fashion News - Vol.4 - April 2018





Fashion News

Say hello to this new earth-friendly fashion store

Pebble Magazine - April 24th 2018
This Fashion Revolution Week sees the launch of many an exciting ethical fashion thing or two. But up there in our favourite new ethical fashion goings on is Antibad, a new online store for stylish sustainable fashion, the kind you'd expect to see gracing glossy magazine covers.

Fashion news - Vogue - The Young Designers Pioneering A Sustainable Fashion Revolution

The Young Designers Pioneering A Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Vogue.co.uk- April 24th 2018
“The fashion industry has not been the best to our planet… [but] there is no reason why brands should not move forward with sustainable methods,” he continues – and by using a water and chemical-free upcycling system to create graphic tees and hoodies starring Stella Lucia, or emblazoned with logos, ...

Fashion News - Fashionista - Miami's Antidote Entices You to Shop Ethically With Super-Chic

Miami's Antidote Entices You to Shop Ethically With Super-Chic

Fashionista - Apr 24, 2018
Ethical fashion isn't just an obligation (or a savvy business move) for Antidote founder Sophie Zembra. For the recent Miami — by way of Paris — transplant, shopping ethically is a way of life. The former textile designer put her money where her conscious is and opened Antidote, an on-trend multi-brand ...

Ethical Fashion News - Sydney hearald - Why we can only trust ethical fashion lists so far

Why we can only trust ethical fashion lists so far

The Sydney Morning Herald - Apr 17, 2018
On Wednesday, Baptist World Aid Australia released its annual Ethical Fashion Report, which grades clothing brands on their performance across a range of issues ... But the report has some serious flaws, in particular the way it gives cheap, high-volume "fast-fashion" brands more credit than they deserve.

Ethical Fashion News - News hub - Ethical fashion report delivers verdicts on Kiwi clothing brands

Ethical fashion report delivers verdicts on Kiwi clothing brands

Newshub - Apr 17, 2018
A global ethical fashion report has delivered a verdict on New Zealand brands, labelling them with grades from A to F based on an assessment of their labour practices. Kowtow embraced the report and came out near the top, while others like Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper and The Warehouse declined to ...

Ethical Fashion News - Fashionista - How Blockchain Could Change the Ethical Fashion industry

How Blockchain Could Change the Ethical Fashion industry

Fashionista - Apr 18, 2018
Blockchain technology was first released to the public almost a decade ago, but it's only entered the public consciousness in earnest within the last year or so. With that heightened awareness has come an increased dialogue about blockchain's applications in the fashion industry

Observer - Laura Jones launches Frontlash magazine

New Magazine Will Be Your One-Stop Guide to Eco-Friendly Fashion

Observer - Apr 24, 2018
Until very recently, sustainable fashion was a phrase many thought best paired with granola and patchouli, the purview of your Aunt Cheryl who wears a lot of turquoise and waxes poetic about her summers at Woodstock. But the ethical ills of the clothing industry have been growing harder to ignore, and ...

Time out Magazine - Three of the best sustainable fashion events in London

Three of the best sustainable fashion events in London

Time Out - Apr 24, 2018
Forget fast fashion. These days it's all about swishing, upcycling and ethical apparel. Here's our pick of the best events in London this week repping ... Five years on from the Rana Plaza tragedy, join panel talks discussing ethical fashion and buy sustainable pieces at this pop-up shop and event series.

East Anglia Times - Do you know where your clothes come from - and who made them?

Do you know where your clothes come from - and who made them?

East Anglian Daily Times - April 24th 2018
Jo Salter, founder of ethical fashion brand Where Does It Come From? is co-hosting the event Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution, on Saturday April 28 - from 10 am - at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising 111-117 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QT (close to Ladbroke Grove tube).

Learn about transparent supply practices

Learn about transparent supply practices 

Mid-Day - Apr 24, 2018
Fashion store Creo has partnered with the label Doodlage to create an up-cycled collection of 50 pieces, which will be sold at the store," says Suki Dusanj-Lenz, country head - India, Fashion Revolution. Wework, BKC, will host a tie-dye workshop and a sustainable fashion pop-up.

LA - LMU's Ethical Fashion Show

LMU's Ethical Fashion Show

Los Angeles Loyolan - Apr 23, 2018
LMU's first ethical fashion show was put on by the RHA executive board, with Leah Sullivan leading the movement. The show's main objective was to promote the ethical side of clothing and fashion, as well as to show diversity and inclusion — something that is lacking in many fashion shows today.

'Ethical fashion is about gender rights': Vogue's Bandana Tewari

'Ethical fashion is about gender rights': Vogue's Bandana Tewari

The Sydney Morning Herald - Apr 6, 2018
Internationally famous fashionista, Bandana Tewari, is a front row regular in both Milan and Mumbai. The editor-at-large of Vogue India, however, is aware that many Indian women engage with the fashion industry in a different way: not just as workers in her country's fast-fashion factories, but also its less ..

Vogue - Could Sadie Sink Become the New Face of Ethical Fashion?

Could Sadie Sink Become the New Face of Ethical Fashion?

Vogue.com - Mar 29, 2018
Sadie Sink, also known as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things season two, has quickly joined the likes of Millie Bobby Brown, Storm Reid, and Zendaya as a Gen Z fashion powerhouse. These young women aren't hitting the red carpet in princess dresses and pink sparkles; they're wearing looks straight off ...

Tearfund hits back at Trelise Cooper's claim its F rating

Tearfund hits back at Trelise Cooper's claim its F rating

Newshub - Apr 18, 2018
Trelise Cooper also pointed out that it had developed an Ethical Code of Conduct, which it said ensures workers are not exploited. In response to these comments, Tearfund CEO Ian McInnes told Newshub that the organisation stands behind the methodology of its Ethical Fashion Report. "We believe the ...

Marie Claire - Buy These Designers, Mother Earth Will Thank You

Buy These Designers, Mother Earth Will Thank You

MarieClaire.com - Apr 20, 2018
And by using recycled cotton and sustainably harvested pirarucu fish and salmon skins for accessories, Osklen—which has developed eco-fabrics with sustainable-development organization Instituto-E for its main line—stays true to its ethical-fashion ethos. Osklen top, $469; skirt, $1,089; shoes, $179; ...

Ethical Fashion - exploitation in factories that produce their clothes

The truth behind the barcode of fashion

Stuff.co.nz - Apr 17, 2018
New Zealand's fashion industry still has a lot of work to do to address worker exploitation in factories that produce their clothes, a ethical fashion advocate says. Of the 18 New Zealand companies included in this year's Ethical Fashion Guide, just five got top marks. Tearfund education and advocacy ...

Are fashion brands actually making progress at becoming ethical?

Are fashion brands actually making progress at becoming ethical?

Dazed - Apr 24, 2018
Following the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013 – that cost the lives of 1,138 people – social enterprise Fashion Revolution (and its annual week dedicated to ethics in fashion) was founded to fight for greater transparency in the industry, and to ensure safer working conditions for garment workers.

Rip Curl Announces B+ Score In The 2018 Ethical Fashion Report

Rip Curl Announces B+ Score In The 2018 Ethical Fashion Report

Shop-Eat-Surf.com - Apr 20, 2018
Each year the Baptist World Aid Foundation research and publish a globally recognised Ethical Fashion Report. This report gives consumers the power to make informed and ethical choices in their fashion, which in turn encourages companies around the world to work in an ethical manner and protect their ...

Ethical fashion can learn from Pacific

Ethical fashion can learn from Pacific

Loop PNG - Apr 20, 2018
That's the view from AUT University senior lecturer Lisa McEwan, in the wake of publicity generated from the 2018 ethical fashion report. McEwan says while these reports are "a great wake-up call for New Zealand consumers, typically behind the rest of the world when it comes to understanding about the ...

Fashion designer Mariana Jungmann talks minimal waste

Lace it up: Fashion designer Mariana Jungmann talks minimal waste

Pebble Magazine - Apr 24, 2018

I remember when I first started studying fashion and there were only a very limited number of ethical brands and most of them didn't have a strong and interesting aesthetics. Nowadays we have a much wider range of suppliers and fabrics we can use, which gave us designers more space to create ...

Author Picture - Will Manders - Zoonibo
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Published - 2018-04-26 12:00am

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