Best Ethical Fashion News - Jan 2018

Best Ethical Fashion News - Vol.1We bring the latest Ethical Fashion News from the Industry - This weeks feature includes updates from the 303 Tuscans award, ways to get into Ethical Fashion, and the Victoria & Albert Museum's show.

Jan, 20, 18


Ethical Fashion News - Vol.1




This weeks feature features a 303 Tuscans award, British Vogue on Fur, renting clothes, ways to get into Ethical Fashion, and the Victoria & Albert Museum's Ethical Fashion show.


Nine Easy Ways To Get Into Ethical Fashion

 HuffPost UK - 7 Jan 2018

Nine Easy Ways To Get Into Ethical FashionIf you're new to the ethical fashion movement, I really recommend you take a peek at the way the majority of high street fashion is produced. Documentaries such as The True Cost (currently on Netflix) will open your eyes to the plight many people are suffering because we're used to buying cheap clothes ...





Eco-Ethical Fashion: Sustainable Trends to Watch

Triple Pundit (blog) - 11 Jan 2018

In my opinion, fast fashion is the root of the issue that starves the industry of the ability to go green and consistently adopt ethical practices. Buy a shirt for $7, use it for one season, toss it, start over. Yikes! It's so wasteful and so unnecessary. There are many high-quality clothing brands available these days



The Future Is Ethical Fashion

Marie Claire - 27 Dec 2017

Marie Claire - The Future Is Ethical FashionEach year, nearly 10 billion kilos of chemical dye is used worldwide to colour our clothes. If that feels unfathomable, consider this: it takes 2,700 litres of water to make a single cotton T-shirt - enough for one person to drink for 900 days. As fast as we're buying clothes, we're chucking them, too. Australians ...



"303 TUSCANS" – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION Awarding ...

Be Global Fashion Network - 16 Jan 2018

"303 TUSCANS" certificate is awarded to communities, following the principles of ETHICAL FASHION and supporting the Italian supply chain. The awarding ceremony will be held in Amsterdam. * FASHION AMBASSADORS - Bloggers, Influencers, Photographers, Journalists, which with their neutrality and impartiality ...



Ethical and fashionable? No wonder slow fashion is popular

Varsity Online - 10 Jan 2018

Ethical and fashionable? No wonder slow fashion is popularThe team explained that “Luna del Pinal revolves around the concept of slow fashion and aims to support the indigenous and historical art of Guatemala by employing local artists and craftspeople of Guatemala to create ethical, hand-made garments. The brand's aim is to create contemporary and ...



Ethical is Very En Vogue | Unpacking Sustainable Fashion (press release) (blog) - 16 Jan 2018

It's not just a 100% organic, fairtrade dress. It's a way of being more conscious of the clothes in your wardrobe, shopping selectively and choosing to be more slow in your fashion choices while being aware of the environment. The choices we make about the clothes we wear have an impact on the world, ...



V&A's Latest Exhibition Reveals The Fashion Industry's Ethical Future

LIVEKINDLY - 14 Jan 2018

V&A's Latest Exhibition Reveals The Fashion Industry's Ethical FutureNow, the topic of sustainability and promoting vegan materials is set to be the focus of the Victoria & Albert Museum's next major fashion exhibition – Fashioned from Nature, which will feature 300 items on display showing the trajectory of fashion from its exploitive roots to its ethical future. Some historic ...



Most Stylish Men at Pitti Uomo supported Ethical Fashion

Be Global Fashion Network - 13 Jan 2018

On 10.01.2018 at Salone delle Feste of Hotel The St. Regis Florence was held the International conference Ethical Fashion – The New Fashion Formula, followed by the awards ceremony “303 TUSCANS“ – certificate for ETHICAL FASHION. The event took place during the popular fair Pitti Uomo and ...



ЕTHICAL FASHION – The New Fashion Formula International ...

Be Global Fashion Network - 3 Jan 2018

Ethical fashion vs Italian productionFAST FASHION - very strong competition from trademarks producing in countries with low standard, not respecting the principles of ETHICAL FASHION. ... Destruction of the image of Italian production - some factories produce in Italy and do not respect the principles of ETHICAL FASHION



Blazing new trails at Berlin Fashion Week

Handelsblatt Global Edition - 19 Jan 2018

There's no limit to what fashion designers might use to create sustainable clothing. Boots made of maize, handbags woven from banana leaves, and disused military camouflage kit repurposed into vintage ...



There Is No Such Thing As Ethical Fur And No British Vogue, Fur Is ...

The Debrief - 11 Jan 2018

There Is No Such Thing As Ethical Fur And No British VogueRecently it felt like the fashion world was making some good decisions. With Gucci following in the steps of other major fashion brands (Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney to name a few) and going fur-free, you could be forgiven for thinking that fashion was finally catching on to the fact that fur is outdated, cruel, ...



How to rent clothes like a celeb and save the environment

Pebble Magazine (blog) - 8 Jan 2018

Peer to peer lending is also cropping up, with start-ups including the Lena Fashion Library in Amsterdam and the Nu Wardrobe in Ireland. In Amsterdam (a bubbling hub of ethical fashion ideas and start ups), eco-fashionistas can drop into Lena and rent vintage clothes and up and coming designer togs ..



Kowtow Is the Label Making Sustainability an Everyday Practice

Papermag - 30 Dec 2017

Kowtow Making Sustainability an Everyday PracticeAs the fashion industry's negative impact on the environment becomes clearer with each passing season, innovative brands are finding ways to make their processes more sustainable, ethical and cruelty free — an option that is not only good for the earth but for maintaining profitability in the long run.





Consumers' Expectations Of Sustainable Fashion Brands

WT VOX - 8 Jan 2018

Most of us see sustainable fashion goods as products made from non-leather materials or leather-like alternatives. However, the so-called 'sustainable value' of such products is debatable. As such, ethical consumers are caught between clever marketing tricks and brands with a genuine desire to shift ...



11 reasons to make your green heart sing this January

Pebble Magazine (blog) - 17 Jan 2018

PETA approved vegan sneakers BohempiaPETA approved vegan sneakers Bohempia harness the power of hemp to make low slung shoes that tread lightly on the planet. The hemp is grown and the shoes produced in the Czech Republic and why hemp? It's ecologically produced, sustainable, biodegradable , antibacterial and comfortable to wear.




Author Bio - Will Manders - Zoonibo FashionAuthor - Will MandersZoonibo FashionPublished Date -  2018-01-20 4:41pm





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