Sustainable Fashion News - August 2018

Sustainable Fashion News - August 2018 - Excerpt
The latest news from around the sustainable fashion world. Covering August 2018. Burberry burns millions of pounds of product, Fashion week in Finland sees leather banned, Instagram fashionistas made to think sustainably, and SZA fights plastic with sustainable streetwear.

Sep, 14, 18

Sustainable Fashion News - Aug 2018 



This months edition of sustainable fashion news from around the globe looks at Burberry's shock burning of its stock to protect its brand, sustainable tech from UnMade, Helsinki Fashion Week banning leather, the Guardians condemnation of Instagrams "Outfit of the day" hashtag and how SZA is fighting plastic with colorful sustainable streetwear.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Economic TimesDia Mirza wants the government to make cost-friendly sustainable Fashion

Economic Times - Aug 23, 2018
Dia Mirza, who is UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, believes the Indian government needs to regulate the costing of eco-friendly and natural products in order to make sustainability the way of life.


Story image for sustainable fashion from BloombergReady-to-Wear and Re-Wear — Meet Sustainable Fashion

Bloomberg - Aug 16, 2018
The fashion industry consumes a lot of resources and creates a lot of mess to keep you looking stylish. There’s the crude oil that has to be extracted to make synthetic fabrics, the water, and pesticides that are used to grow cotton.


Story image for sustainable fashion Stella McCartney from Refinery29Is Stella McCartney The Queen Of Sustainability?

Refinery29 - Aug 8, 2018
In 2001, Stella McCartney launched her eponymous contemporary label. Her shtick? Sustainability. Sounds cool, but is it working? Ask her.


Story image for sustainable fashion from LIVEKINDLY

Helsinki Fashion Week Bans Leather to Showcase Sustainable Fashion

LIVEKINDLY - Aug 13, 2018
2018 is the last year leather will appear in the annual Helsinki Fashion Week. The couture event, held each July, has promised to prohibit leather from its runways beginning in 2019.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Irish Examiner

4 affordable brands making an effort to be more ethical

Irish Examiner - Aug 11, 2018
Shopping ethically in our fast fashion-obsessed culture is tricky. Not only do brands make it difficult to have a clear view of their supply chains, but it often feels like the only way you can be sure that you’re buying consciously is if you really splash the cash on labels like Stella McCartney.


Story image for sustainable fashion from NDTV

Anita Dongre On Sustainability And The Rise Of Eco-Friendly Fashion

NDTV - Aug 10, 2018
The fashion sphere is growing rapidly and there's a growing interest in Indian handloom, traditional weaves, and eco-friendly textiles. Renowned Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre delves more on this in an email interview with IANS.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Malay Mail

Five ways to practice sustainable fashion

Malay Mail - Aug 13, 2018
This places a heavy burden on our landfills, covering just the tip of the iceberg on why sustainable fashion is gaining increasing importance within the industry.


Story image for sustainable fashion from The Guardian

Why Instagram's 'outfit of the day' hashtag is bad for fashion

The Guardian - Aug 15, 2018
Almost one in 10 Britons say they buy clothes online just to post an image on social media, before sending them back immediately for a refund; among those aged 35 to 44, this rises to nearly one in five.


Story image for sustainable fashion from South China Morning Post

Indian fashion labels' use of homespun cloth Mahatma Gandhi Championed

South China Morning Post - Aug 15, 2018
Khadi is a hand-spun, hand-woven cloth that Gandhi made into a symbol of India’s fight for independence. Today it has an equally important role: epitomizing the country’s commitment to sustainability.


Story image for sustainable fashion from

ReMode event for disruptive and sustainable fashion - Aug 14,  2018
Topics will include omnichannel marketing, traceability and the role of blockchain in fashion, sustainable sourcing, waste as a resource and how AI and big data ...


Story image for sustainable fashion from FashionUnited UK (blog)

Interview Global Fashion Exchange: '‘Sustainability is a trend that is going to last’

FashionUnited UK - Aug 9, 2018
Overproduction, over-consumption - nowhere else does wastefulness rear its ugly head as much as in the fashion industry: thanks to fast fashion, more clothing floods the market at ever cheaper prices; garments are not valued anymore and either not worn at all or worn and thrown.


Story image for sustainable fashion from India Today

LFW 2018 says sustainable fashion is need of the hour

India Today - Aug 24,  2018
The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. So revealed a video at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week which hosted a session on "Fashion for Sustainable Development with the United Nations in India". Even as people keep up with fashion trends and queue up for sales, there is also immense waste generation, carbon emission and depletion of scarce natural resources.


Story image for sustainable fashion from

SZA Is Fighting Plastic with Colorful Sustainable Streetwear - Aug 17, 2018
We're very excited by SZA's apparent hook-up with Champion. Far from your average celebrity collab, however, the singer has gone all out and ensured it's sustainable.


Story image for sustainable fashion from GreenBiz

Unraveling fast fashion headlines

GreenBiz - Aug 1, 2018
Did you read about Burberry’s recent bad press? The British luxury fashion brand received significant criticism for physically destroying about $38 million worth of unsold clothing, accessories, and perfume last year to protect its brand.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Elle UK Magazine

Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Sustainable Fashion?

Elle UK Magazine - Aug 2, 2018
We pick fair trade coffee, yet turn a blind eye when it comes to fast fashion. But what if robots designed your clothes? Would that help and, then, what next? ELLE investigates.


Story image for sustainable fashion from

Could rental fashion help us become more sustainable? - Aug 6, 2018

Carrie Bradshaw famously once said, “I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet.” She was clearly a woman of her word, with one of the most impressive fictional wardrobes in history. But, if we all followed her example, the environment would be in a mortally sorry state.


Story image for sustainable fashion from

10 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Know and Shop Immediately - Aug 1, 2018
Sustainability has become a trending topic for fashion brands that want to appeal to environmentally-conscious millennial shoppers. According to Business of Fashion, “66 percent of global millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable,” and the demand from customers that brands be held accountable for waste and carbon footprint is projected to skyrocket in 2018.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Elle UK Magazine

The Faces Of Fashion's Sustainable Future

Elle UK Magazine - Aug 13, 2018
The London College of Fashion is paving the way when it comes to showing sustainability is cool. It’s difficult to have a conversation about sustainable fashion without mentioning Frances Corner. The long-time activist has led the charge when it comes to making the industry more environmentally friendly.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Elle UK Magazine

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Buy From Now

Elle UK Magazine - Aug 24, 2018
There was a time that the words 'sustainable clothing' would conjure images of brown, unflattering and suspiciously scratchy outfits. Considering issues such as overproduction and harmful human rights practices, the following brands have all taken unique and important steps towards creating fashion more sustainably and ethically, whilst not scrimping on style and comfort.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Forbes

Good Cloth's Stephanie Hepburn On How Her B Corp Is Calling For Transparency In Sustainable Clothing

Forbes - Aug 24, 2018
It was while writing a book on human trafficking that she started to understand the connection between fast fashion and debt bondage (a form of human trafficking). She has spent more than a decade reporting on the impact fashion has on our world, and sharing with readers sustainable brands with best practices.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Ballarat Courier

Leading a sustainable fashion revolution in style

The Courier - Aug 26, 2018
Bianca Flint from The Wardrobe Green and Andrea Hurley from Hattie and the Wolf are spreading a message of shopping pre-loved, buying less and buying better this Sustainable Fashion Week. 


Story image for sustainable fashion from Forbes India

Sustainable fashion: Empowering weavers

Forbes India - Aug 25, 2018
As part of sustainable fashion Day at the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2018, Delhi-based Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) collaborated with fashion labels—Three, Naushad Ali and Indigene—to bring together the work of traditional weavers, who they empower through training in digital design and sales techniques.


Story image for sustainable fashion from ABS-CBN News

Australians putting the brakes on fast fashion, fearing for the environment

ABS CBN News - Aug 22, 2018

In a small shop along one of Sydney's busiest streets, Sarah Freeman is encouraging Australians to slow down and break their addiction to fast fashion. Shocked by the speed at which Australians buy and throw away cheap garments, she is trying to persuade shoppers to rent instead of purchase clothes.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Fashionista (blog)

A New Digital Publication Displaying the Elevated Side of Ethical Fashion - Aug 1, 2018
An organic clothing company called Amour Vert, and its founders' passion for sustainable and ethical clothing — not to mention their assertion that fashion is one of the world's biggest polluters — helped kick off a perspective shift for Jones.


Story image for sustainable fashion from The Independent

Is clothing rental the secret to making fashion sustainable?

The Independent - Aug 19, 2018
A staggering 235 million items of unwanted clothing were expected to be dumped in UK landfill in 2017 and the average American is estimated to bin 81lb (37kg) of used clothing annually.


Story image for sustainable fashion from

Introducing The Australian Brand Pioneering Sustainable Elegance - Aug 22, 2018
As Kitx launches a capsule at Selfridges, we speak to its founder about the future of fashion, and why we should be shopping sustainably.


Story image for sustainable fashion from Evening Standard

Unmade raises $4 million to bring its sustainable tech to the fashion industry

Evening Standard - Aug 8, 2018
The UK has a clothes problem. Around 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing ends up in landfill every single year and brands like Burberry have been accused of burning unsold clothes, worth up to £28.6 million. 




Author Picture - Will Manders - Zoonibo
Author - Will Manders, Zoonibo Fashion
Published - 2018-09-14 5:20pm EDT

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