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This Cookie Policy is in complement to our Privacy Policy, and customers will benefit from reading the two together to understand how we work to protect your data and use information to improve our service and site experience. When you visit Zoonibo’s website or use our services, we use cookies to collect information about you.

The following resources are useful in understanding EU and US policy of online Cookie Policy, which Zoonibo adheres to:



Cookies are small sections of computer code that allow us to analyse the website’s performance, to remember user preferences, locational information and to identify if a device or user has visited a website before. We may collect this information across multiple browsers or devices if you use more than one device to access the site.

Cookies are stored in your browser as small pieces of code which send information back to the website to make your experience with the site a more usable one, by collecting information on how the website is used. By monitoring traffic to the site and understanding which pages are popular we can better improve our business by the review of this anonymous analytical information.



You can opt out from using cookies via your browser. Here are the browser manufacturer guidelines to help you configure your cookie management in your browser:


Third party advertising services are services like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords which are used to show our products to customers. This involves using Cookies that send anonymous information about browsing history and location to advertising services that run our ads.

To opt-out of the use of third-party advertising cookies in the EU visit - www.youronlinechoices.eu

The same resource can be accessed for US, here - http://youradchoices.com/



It’s important to understand that cookie information is anonymous and we hold the privacy of our customers in great regards. As a company that prides itself on good business ethics we never share your data with anyone.

If you have further questions regarding cookies, please feel free to contact us at hello@zoonibo.com

Many thanks,

The Zoonibo Team



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